Servis DS s.r.o.
Servis DS

1 Service of woodworking machines and equipment
1 Feedforward controls of machines and equipment
1 Mounting of air, watter and elecrical distribution systems
1 Coordination of your current equipment with rule of law – order
    of the government Nr. 378/2001 Sb.

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Servis DS s.r.o.



Pricelist for Czech republic
Validity from 1. 1. 2010

Item Price in Kc excl. VAT Unit
Fares 13,- km
Working hour on a classic machine: circular saws, cutters, etc.  450,- hod.
Working hour on special machine: banding machines, grinding machines etc.  550,- hod.
Working hour on NC machines - mechanics 600,- hod.
Working hour on NC machines - electronics incl. computer 700,- hod.
Moving the machines up to 30 tonnes (4 workers)    1.200,- hod.
Electrician 350,- hod.
Plumber; air distribution system 300,- hod.
Locksmith 300,- hod.
Permanent repair, diagnosis of technical conditions of your machines, feedforward controls according to ISO 9001 incl. resulting repairs – negotiated price.

Standart working hours of workers: Mo – Fr 8.00 – 16.30. For operations out of working hours we account an additional charge of 50%.

Taxes for accomodation we account separately. Close to invoicing we add a 20% VAT.

We offer a completion of technical documentation, warning boards, instructions manuals and revisions according to requierements of inspection authorities.


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Rojek - dřevoobráběcí stroje
Brusírna Partyka
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