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Servis DS s.r.o.

Komenského 1018
664 53 Újezd u Brna
IČO: 27722066

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Servis DS s.r.o.

We have to honour to inform you about our professional services in field of reparation of your machinery and system including delivery of replacement parts and lubricants. We are service company and all of our stuff is engaged in business for ten years and more. We can dokument our workmanship by submiting of the database of companies, for them we work by contract.


  • Mounting, repairs, servicing of woodworking machines and equipment
  • Services of software and programming of CNC machines
  • Unique technology for detection of defects of CNC machines
  • Safety and fire instructions for operation of woodworking machines, equipment and plant
  • Mounting and servicing of compressors Orlík
  • Mounting and servicing of exhaustion, air conditioning and electrical engineering
  • Expert evidences of machines and equipment
  • Instructions and revisions of woodworking machines and equipment
  • Mounting of air, watter and elecrical distribution systems; elecrical revisions
  • Manufacturing of dedicated devices and transporters

We execute dismounting and moving of assembly lines, workplaces and machines up to 30 tonnes. We execute their backward mounting including their settlement, balancing and setting in operation (manipulation and transport).

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Komenského 1018, Újezd u Brna
p. Paleček 00420 773 111 783

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Servis DS s.r.o., is company registered by register of companies in Brno, trade mark C 54635

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